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Old Social Club Site


This project is based around the redevelopment of the Beer Social Club site, including the acquisition of a small area of additional land. 


Beer Social Club had sadly become non-viable.  The land for its site had originally been graciously donated to the Club and its members in the interest of the local community.  As a result, many members of the Club  agreed to donate their share in the site to the Beer CLT project in order to help provide affordable homes for local people, and Beer CLT agreed prices and terms for the purchase of the remainder of the site.


This project aims to deliver four 2-bedroom semi-detached houses plus two 2-bedroom flats.  Experience gained from the Little Hemphay project has led to the re-design of the properties so that the two flats will provide accommodation on a single level, particularly suitable for elderly or disabled occupants.  Each home will have a desgnated parking space.


On 22 July 2020 East Devon District Council gave planning permission to Beer CLT for this project.  The new development will also comply with the new Beer Neighbourhood Plan and the East Devon Local Plan.

On 5 October 2020 work began on clearing the site.

The 6 properties on this site will become available for occupancy by         31 March 2023.


Click on the PDF box to download the plans that have received Planning Permission

The documents below provide details of the property units, the allocation process that will be followed and background to the project.


These photos show the progress being made on the Old Social Club site.


Clearance work starts

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